Hour Magazine feature on Turtle Lake Resort



I have run the Turtle Lake 5K twice now. You are not allowed to take photos there (the article tells of the resort manager grabbing somebody’s phone at poolside and actually tossing it in the pool). I just LOVE this outdoor train set at one corner lot. Now I have a photo I can post. Anyway, no mention of the TLR 5K run in the story, but it is a good overlook of nudist resorts in Michigan.

The author did leave out a second “swinger” resort in Michigan. There are six, but I am told by somebody in mobile home sales that there are a few more private mobile home parks that allow nudity inside, but these are not resorts.


Hour Magazine story is here: http://www.hourdetroit.com/Hour-Detroit/August-2017/A-Peek-Inside-One-of-Michigans-Five-Nudist-Resorts/?platform=hootsuite

A Safe Space for Women and our Bodies


We live in a world where women’s bodies are constantly either sexualized or dehumanized – or often both. We are not allowed to exist independently of the social (particularly male) gaze. Whether we are leered at and pursued against our will, or we are ignored and dismissed, or we are mocked or ridiculed, there is one thing that is true for almost all women: we are not allowed to live freely in our bodies and our lives. We constantly have to adjust to protect ourselves, to shield ourselves, and to make ourselves less of a target as we go about our daily lives.

We live in a society where girls as young as 5 years old think they’re “too fat.” Girls and women are constantly told that our bodies aren’t “good enough” – in a myriad of profitable ways by a myriad of companies and institutions out for our money…

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Sunshower’s Bare Butts 5K 2017 Quick Review

Short review of Sunshower Resort and their 5K race here. It took some six hours to drive down there from the Detroit Michigan area. Like many naturalist resorts, it’s pretty hidden from the road. It’s a couple of miles south of Centerville Indiana. They generally only cook lunch there by the pool, so you have to either bring breakfast or go into town. If you camp, store food in the car. The raccoons open tent zippers and open ice chests.

Location advantages of Sunshower is how far south it is, which makes for a longer nudist season, and the terrain. Members said there are almost no bug bites in this area, as there are no lakes or swampland. They actually can make a one lap of 3.1 miles inside the 120 acres, but the White Loop is VERY steep and would have a run with about 100 feet of elevation change! This system would make a very cool trail run, clothed or not, or a mountain bike race. There are enough trails to make a loop away from the RV campsite areas.

Each resort eventually gets it’s own personality from it’s membership, and at the Friday evening campfire I was welcomed as a first time visitor and listened to how much the members enjoy staying inside the fences of Sunshower. I met Ed who also comes down from Michigan, visits lots of other resorts, and helped set the race course.

At this point I should mention that it was now in the 60s, and it got down to the 50s overnight before race morning. Everyone at the campground was clothed, and I mean jeans and hoodies. Talking about other resorts in conversation, I was surprised to learn that their nude policy, NOT being clothing optional, actually seems to reduce swinger activity.  Nobody there wants it. They really don’t enforce it in cold weather, and they did not enforce it for the 5K race as they consider running clothes to be sporting equipment.

Race morning was cold, but the 10:00am start time let the sun heat things up. Not one, or two, but THREE couples showed up who travel across the country doing as many runs inside naturalist resorts. This seemed to be the first races all six showed up at the same time, and they just loved how friendly both the resorts and the runners were. We also talked about this site, what stories and reviews they would like to read and report, and the problems of an up to date calendar.

Of the race itself, it was now warm enough to certainly run a 5K pace naked. This was the 5th year, and the entries were 54. The late start allowed runners from Indianapolis and Dayton, the closer city of Richmond, and even Cincinnati and Ft Wayne. Sunshower is smaller than Turtle Lake and the run is the main event. The start/finish is right in the center of the activity area, in front of the lodge and by the pool. You get two beer tickets with your entry, but no shirt this year. I had a choice of bling and got a beer cooler.

Much of the run is on grass, or on forest cart trails. This should be considered a light trail run. Regular running shoes would work, and lighter trail running shoes might work better on the grass. It was mild roller coaster in some sections in the woods, but the dips were short. It was a lap and a half, more than a two lap race.

The race was not chip timed. It was a mass start, and hand punched on the timer as observers got your number. Plenty of members supported this run, so there were no wrong turns, and they had several fluid station. Kelly Smith’s company did the race timing as a last minute replacement in 2016, and said he had never experienced such a well behaved and friendly race crowd as this and last year’s Bare Butt’s 5K. He times about 150 events every year, and works with the other timers.

In short, the run was a hoot. It was nice that the runners were allowed to be around the resort members, and most of the runners stayed around to talk with each other. Of the 54 runners, 11 were women. Those women that ran with a sports bra or shorts too, not only took everything off for the awards and beer party, all talked about how safe they felt being nude inside these resorts. The biggest topic of conversation after was how to get more runners to come, especially women.

More on the race later.



This is a stock photo, taken elsewhere, but it’s very close to what the Sunshower Bare Butts looked like.









BOUNCING BUNS ” Clothing Optional ” 7k Trail Run, Sunday Aug 27th , 2017

naked5k image

PDF file:


Sunny Rest Resort Calendar page for August 27:





Sunny Rest also has a shorter non trail 5K run the first weekend in June. In 2016, two young women ran the trail 7K clothed and nobody cared. Later, they took off their clothes at the pool, and nobody at the pool cared either. http://www.xojane.com/healthy/i-ran-a-7k-at-a-nudist-resort



Sunshower’s Bare Butts 5K , Saturday August 5th 2017

While Sunshower Country Club is a nudist resort and not clothing optional, sports bras are considered a part of sporting equipment. Otherwise, nudity is required by guests unless weather conditions and safety dictate.naked5k image
Race Starts 10 AM Sharp (Rain or shine)
Centerville Indiana, about half way between Indianapolis and Dayton (OH)
Online registration (Price goes up after Wed August 2) https://mag7raceseries.com/?event=sunshowers-bare-butts-5k-2

This fun-filled event is open to all and held at a sanctioned 120+ acre nudist resort. All minors must be accompanied by their parents or guardians.

The $35 early registration fee (before 8/3/17) or the $45 (8/3/17 or after) includes the race, 1 day ground fees and 1 night primitive camping (Friday or Saturday), snacks and beverages for the participant. Lunch will be available at a small charge. A pool party, with water volleyball and free hot dog & chips dinner will be provided.

Awards will be presented for male and female runners and walkers in all different age groups.

An extra night of primitive camping is just $25 more. RV campsites and rental units are also available at an additional cost.

Call 765-855-2785 (9AM – 6PM only please) to reserve RV sites or rentals. Primitive camping is unlimited, so no need to call, and is on a first come basis.


Office closes at 7pm Indiana time, so plan your arrival.

Race Review at Beginner Triathlete:  http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/discussion/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=529254


Roskilde Nogenlob 2017 June 29

Since 1999, the Roskilde (Denmark) Music Festival’s FM radio station broadcast has organized a short 400 meter race, with a prize of festival tickets for the next year’s event. This is an 11 day festival with 5 days of music that sells out it’s 130,000 tickets every year. Tickets are over $300.
Because the rules require full nudity, this is the most heavily photographed and video recorded runs held each year. All the Danish TV networks and newspaper websites have HD video and HD stills of a race the has a winning time of around 2 minutes.
This site will not post photos of nudity at clothing optional runs where photography is not allowed. We also are not about exhibitionism, which we define as deliberate nudity in front of clothed people. But the Roskilde Nogenlob is one event that is covered by professional media photographers.

Here is the information posted on the Roskilde Nogenlob Facebook page:

The race will have a female winner and a male winner and there is about 30 seats in the race.

# How do I sign up?

To signup please visit Camp Crazy Legs in Dream City, located at H53 (Dream City Metro).

The registration is open from 14-16 in the warm-up days (Sunday to Wednesday).

Please note that there is about 30 seats in the run (15 male and 15 female).

# What can I win?
The super cool FabLab Nordvest (http://fablabnordvest.dk/) makes a portable sound Blaster and a unique trophy for the winners… This is some cool stuff!

You will also get the fame and awesomeness to say you won Roskilde Nøgenløb 2017… which is a prize in itself 😀

There will also be a “Party Pack” which includes beer, Lambrusco, playing cards and all sorts of REALLY! nice things you can enjoy during the rest of the festival. This is donated from the camps in Dream City.

As a fantastic bonus, Roskilde Festival has pitch in a RF18 ticket for the winners.. YES you can win a ticket for next years festival 😉

And if you have more questions feel free to ask!

# When and where?

The Roskilde Nøgenløb 2017 will be held Thursday the 29th of June @ 14:00 and have starting point at H53 between the Metro Station and Zoo Tower (Camp Crazy Legs and Camp Marius).
Signup is done at Camp Crazy Legs H53 in Dream City during the warmup days from 14:00 to 16:00.