If You Are Going To be Interviewed About Nudity, Dress Well

The New York Times feature, it was listed among other stories in that day’s paper on the bottom of Page 1, got enough attention that local Detroit media caught attention. Nancy Derringer contacted me about an interview. After exchanging a few emails I got a good sense of where she was coming from, but you never know. Plus, most interviews of male nudists seem to be men who look either creepy or they were fired for being a drunk Santa Claus.

So, I wore a button down collar light blue dress shirt and a navy tie. I remember John T. Molloy writing in his Dress For Success newspaper column that the more extreme your views are, the more important it is to dress normal.

Photo credit: Nancy Derringer https://www.deadlinedetroit.com/columnist/Derringer

Here is the story, and I think it came off well as showing nudist running races a lot more normal than a supermarket tabloid would show us. Thanks again to Nancy Derringer and DeadLineDetroit.com for treating us with respect.


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